Diagnosing Disease Using Music


  • Transforming proteins into melodies allows them to be analysed by ear
  • Researchers think our ears might be able to detect more than our eyes
  • It could make mutations more obvious to spot than under the microscope
  • In the future this could help doctors diagnoses diseases more easily 

article at DailyMail



Sunflower Power!

“The earth laughs in flowers” – R.W. Emerson

Playing in a field of bright cheery Sunflowers ~ plant beings of empowerment, life force energy/Qi and integrity. These flowers relate especially to masculine aspects of nurturing, fatherhood, authority and protectiveness.

Their presence brings joy and helps many to connect with and express their inner light. Their spirits, colors and shapes have an effect that strengthens the Will – not the small ego will but Spiritual Will and intestinal fortitude to face life’s challenges full-on like a warrior.

When feeling inadequate and unable to perform in some way or bombarded by psychic attack from others – these often coincide – try connecting with the Sunflower visually, physically or by ingesting its essence. Others cannot “cord” into (impose upon) the core of one who has energetic integrity, and one with this integrity does not allow themself to inappropriately cord into others.

Sunflower is highlighted in the book Flower Spirit Medicine

Photos by photographer David Andrews