As the Veil thins between the Worlds…

Be ready for anything anytime but especially at this time of year! Protect your body, mind and spirit from other people’s negativity, sickness and psychic attack.

A few items and practices that may help with shielding yourself are the following:

  • Crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Turquoise, Ruby, and Onyx
  • Cooking with spices such as Garlic, Tumeric, and Sage
  • Burning Sage, Copal, Dragon’s Blood
  • Drinking plenty of pure water
  • The use of mantras, bells, singing bowls and chimes
  • Adequate exercise and fresh air

If you feel like you are battling with very dark energy you may benefit from reading the book pictured below, “The Magic Shield” by Francis Melville.

Into the Mysteries…

The Sun has just entered the sign of Scorpio. The veils between the worlds are thinning ~ the voices of our ancestors more clearly heard.

Deeper into the season of dark mysteries and magic we go…

Knowth Passage Tomb

This photo was taken during my recent trip to the Neolithic passage grave and ancient World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne in the valley of the River Boyne in Ireland.


Poplar ~ Ruler of the Autumn Equinox

White Poplar, Eadha is the fourth vowel of the Irish Ogham alphabet. It corresponds with the letter E and the station of the Autumn Equinox. There is a great page about it by: Eco Enchantments

The totem animal associated with this letter and season is the majestic white swan, described in Celtic legends as a shapeshifter…