The Root of the Matter

“Maybe you are searching among the branches what only appears in the roots”. – Rumi

Poplar ~ Ruler of the Autumn Equinox

White Poplar, Eadha is the fourth vowel of the Irish Ogham alphabet. It corresponds with the letter E and the station of the Autumn Equinox. There is a great page about it by: Eco Enchantments

The totem animal associated with this letter and season is the majestic white swan, described in Celtic legends as a shapeshifter…

Makeup for the Zodiac Signs

First look for your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign to come up with the perfect combination of colors and styles. For many ladies the placement of Venus indicates beauty preferences and connections. The colors mentioned below are not necessarily specific colors carried by make-up brands but just names I came up with to describe the general hues. There are no hard rules about this.

Organic makeup brands with clean and cruelty-free ingredients include: Gabriel Organics, Juice Beauty, Herbivore Botanicals, Vapour Organic Beauty

Aries  – This sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and action named after the god of war. Aries is not afraid to stand out and can really rock those bright colored lipsticks, especially in shades of Red. This sign can actually do well with many colors but specifically those that are bright and bold. Aries also looks good with bright contrasting colors – something most signs cannot get away with.

Aries makeup colors: Candy Apple Red, Hot Pink

Taurus – Sensual Taurus is ruled by Venus, named after the goddess of love and beauty. This sign generally does blush & shadows very well – especially Greens and Pinks. Depending on skin tone, she may prefer a more hypnotic Smokey eye combination. She leans toward a simple yet elegant look. Once she finds a particular look she likes on herself she sticks to the formula for a long time, possibly years. She may have a talent for cosmetology in general.

Taurus makeup  colors: Emerald Green, Watermelon, Dusty Rose

Gemini – This sign, ruled by Mercury is the most restless of all and needs something solid to help her ground out. She is fond of thick nourishing moisturizers, spray toners and steam treatments to clear the pores, increase circulation and open the bronchial passages. Try adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the steamer to help calm the nerves. As for the makeup, a basic eyeliner and contrasting shadow satisfies the need for variety.

Gemini makeup colors: Forest Green, Orange, True Blue (not necessarily together)

Cancer – Cancer being influenced by Moon is so deeply sensitive and does not readily step into the limelight. When she does muster up the courage to do so she prefers to be slightly camouflaged in order to feel safe. This sign has dominion over cover-ups, foundations and under-eye concealers. Soft pastels often compliment the Cancerian woman’s complexion, whether in the form of eye shadows or lip gloss.

Cancer makeup colors : Silvers, Blues, White, Pearlescent

Leo – Leo, being ruled by the Sun loves to shine! Think of big hair that makes an instant impression when she walks into a room. It is often reddish or curly or thick and wild like a lion’s mane. This sign can sport almost any hair color or a mixture of two or three. The plump lip look is preferable, bright and shiny like a piece of fruit. She also enjoys various nail tints and decor on her feline forepaws.

Leo makeup colors – Copper, Gold, Orange, Yellow

Virgo – Virgo can be as much into cleanliness as looking well put-together and vibrant. This sign has a connection with cleansers – especially the sudsy liquid varieties, masks – especially clay and scrubs – especially ones that contain sugar. This sign is ruled by Mercury and can be quite meticulous. She can take a long time to put her makeup on because she wants to make sure it’s done correctly. A “nude” or soft pink lipstick tends to looks great on Virgoans.

Virgo makeup colors: Brown, Earth Tones, Yellow-Green

Libra – Libra adores her pixie sparkles, here there and everywhere! Feeling and looking magical and sparkly are her makeup priorities. She often loves to be anointed with sweet perfumes as well. This gives her a sense of regality.  They are best when made of pure essential oils which are sure to remind her of her connection to nature. Libra is ruled by Venus so she has a lot of fun playing with anything that accentuates beauty.

Libra makeup colors: Greens, Opalescent

Scorpio – Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so her makeup style can be dark, exotic, and intense. The sign of mystery can go dramatic with that black eyeliner & mascara like no other, such as with the “Egyptian princess” look. Like Aries, she tends to do well with a bright red lip color, but with a matte finish. A deep maroon may also be appropriate. This sign rules oil makeup removers – coconut or olive works great.

Scorpio makeup colors: Black, Dark Red, Smokey

Sagittarius – When Sagittarius wears makeup it’s likely to be something so natural looking you barely notice it’s there. Due to Sag’s love of the sun and the great outdoors, a quality sunscreen (could be an oil) may be important. Not to mention an anti-oxidant facial cream, some kind of insect repellent and wound-healing ointment just in case! Witch hazel and Aloe Vera work well. This sign is ruled by Jupiter so big highlights and bright colors do well on occasion.

Sagittarius makeup colors: Purple, Turquoise

Capricorn – Down-to-earth Capricorn is ruled by traditional Saturn so her makeup style tends to be modest yet appealing at the same time. She may start with an eyebrow pencil which is one of the most important steps in defining the outline of the face. If it’s a special occasion she’ll end with a bronzer to contour her jaws and chin, and just a touch of gloss. This sign is not into gaudy colors and drawing too much attention but does like to feel sexy.

Capricorn makeup colors: Black, Bronze, Indigo

Aquarius: – Aquarius is ruled by rebellious Uranus, so will try on the most wild styles just to see how people react to them. Half of what she wears is actually an experiment and she gets a kick out of the results! So when it comes to makeup, almost anything goes. This usually works out fine and is only on rare occasions a total disaster. This sign can be a fashionista, loving the latest hip, hot colors. She often does well with blue eyeliners.

Aquarius makeup colors: Blues, Purples, Rainbows

Pisces – Easy-going Pisces is ruled by watery Neptune, so this sign corresponds with hydrating serums and gels, a particularly effective one being hyaluronic acid.  These are great for any sign to feed the skin with before the application of makeup or night creams. Pisces may prefer shades of blue and green eye shadow and either a peach, pink or nude lip color. Some Pisces may surprisingly look good in a red lip color but it’s not their usual thing.

Pisces makeup colors: Aqua, Iridescent, Violet