Orange Blossom Bliss

Happy first day of Spring! The orange trees are in full bloom releasing their sweet scents into the air. There are many types of oranges and their blossoms have slightly different aromas and properties. Most of them produce very sweet oils that are uplifting to the spirits. Neroli blossoms, which come from the bitter orange tree is said to be named after the 17th century Italian princess Anne-Marie of Nerola, who used the fragrance of orange blossoms as her personal perfume. Due to its rich sweet scent it is still used in many perfume formulas.

This essential oil is also known to help calm anxiety and alleviate heart palpitations. Neroli has also been found to have aphrodisiac properties. In skin care the oil helps to regenerate the skin and promote new cell growth.

Oranges have long been used as altar offerings and symbols of prosperity in China. In many cultures these fruits and their flowers represent joy and good fortune. To bring a little joy into your life try eating more oranges or using the essential oils that they produce…or grow an orange tree some place you can enjoy it often!

Every Morning is a New Beginning

Morning Glory is a flower that inspires wakefulness and assists with bringing the subtle bodies into alignment with each other. It is helpful in overcoming substance addictions and sleep imbalances. Taken internally, Morning Glory flower essence can stimulate the vitality of body, mind and spirit.

The delicate blossoms of the Morning Glory vine unravel into bloom in the early morning and always reach toward the sun, reminding us to elevate our own thinking and spiritual ideals. They also remind us to make use of the morning as a special time for setting intentions each day, because it offers a clean slate.

Ginger Root & Plant Spirit

Ginger, aka Zingiber officinale is flowering plant related to Tumeric and Cardamom that offers a multitude of benefits on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The root commonly is used as a kitchen spice that has many medicinal qualities. It makes a delicious addition to many meals and desserts, particularly in Asian cooking. As a medicine it may be best known for alleviating nausea and increasing blood circulation. It also has potent anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and aphrodisiac properties.

A tea made from ginger root is an aid to digestion and can reduce menstrual cramps. It can be safely consumed during pregnancy to help alleviate early-morning sickness. A strong infusion helps fight infections and can help to reduce both chills and fevers. In a syrup it can help speed the recovery from colds and coughs. Some of the main nutrients and minerals found in ginger include Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Niacin, Copper and Zinc.

Dried ginger root can be stronger in flavor and action than the fresh root because it is concentrated, so less is needed. Grating a bit of the fresh root into a cup of hot water with lemon and honey and drinking this before bedtime can stop a cold in its tracks and aid in falling into a deep restorative sleep.

Astrologically, Ginger is associated with the planet Mars, due to its heating properties. It has been worn by some as an amulet to protect overall health and to attract money. As a root that generates much heat it corresponds with the root chakra, representing overall health, security and the ability to manifest whatever is needed for survival.

The flowers of Ginger grow in clusters of yellow and purple flowers that bloom from pink and white buds. Since they are an Indian Rainforest native they prefer warm climates. When worked with closely or ingested in the form of a vibrational essence the energetic properties of these flowers help to heighten spiritual will and spark creativity.

Poplar ~ Ruler of the Autumn Equinox

White Poplar, Eadha is the fourth vowel of the Irish Ogham alphabet. It corresponds with the letter E and the station of the Autumn Equinox. There is a great page about it by: Eco Enchantments

The totem animal associated with this letter and season is the majestic white swan, described in Celtic legends as a shapeshifter…

10 Natural Stress-Reducing Remedies

We already know that “things” are intense and seem to be constantly escalating astrologically, but what can we do in times of stress – how can we cope? Some people just keep burning their candles at both ends while others realize when it’s time to simplify their lives and they seek refuge. There is a middle ground when necessary that allows us to both maintain our livelihoods while also heeding the signals from our body and assisting it with stress-reducing and immune-boosting remedies.

There is no one certain remedy for all discomforts but there are many resources available to many of us that we often forget the busier we get. There are many causes and effects of stress, just as there are many ways to address them. You can decide which if any of the following of these natural remedies for strength, endurance and mental peace and clarity you might…

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Sunflower Power!

“The earth laughs in flowers” – R.W. Emerson

Playing in a field of bright cheery Sunflowers ~ plant beings of empowerment, life force energy/Qi and integrity. These flowers relate especially to masculine aspects of nurturing, fatherhood, authority and protectiveness.

Their presence brings joy and helps many to connect with and express their inner light. Their spirits, colors and shapes have an effect that strengthens the Will – not the small ego will but Spiritual Will and intestinal fortitude to face life’s challenges full-on like a warrior.

When feeling inadequate and unable to perform in some way or bombarded by psychic attack from others – these often coincide – try connecting with the Sunflower visually, physically or by ingesting its essence. Others cannot “cord” into (impose upon) the core of one who has energetic integrity, and one with this integrity does not allow themself to inappropriately cord into others.

Sunflower is highlighted in the book Flower Spirit Medicine

Photos by photographer David Andrews