Orange Blossom Bliss

Happy first day of Spring! The orange trees are in full bloom releasing their sweet scents into the air. There are many types of oranges and their blossoms have slightly different aromas and properties. Most of them produce very sweet oils that are uplifting to the spirits. Neroli blossoms, which come from the bitter orange tree is said to be named after the 17th century Italian princess Anne-Marie of Nerola, who used the fragrance of orange blossoms as her personal perfume. Due to its rich sweet scent it is still used in many perfume formulas.

This essential oil is also known to help calm anxiety and alleviate heart palpitations. Neroli has also been found to have aphrodisiac properties. In skin care the oil helps to regenerate the skin and promote new cell growth.

Oranges have long been used as altar offerings and symbols of prosperity in China. In many cultures these fruits and their flowers represent joy and good fortune. To bring a little joy into your life try eating more oranges or using the essential oils that they produce…or grow an orange tree some place you can enjoy it often!

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